CVC backs Vasundhara Raje govt’s gag ordinance to protect babus from corruption probe :

Amid raging controversy over the Rajasthan Government’s ordinance, the Chief Vigilance Commissioner KD Chaudhary has backed law to protect ministers and bureaucrats from corruption investigation.

“Barring bribery cases where trap is being laid, there should be some internal check before the case is registered,” he told media persons on the sidelines of a workshop organised by Anti-Corruption Academy.

“The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) is on record that there is a need for somebody within the organisation to apply his mind and say that there is a criminality in this and there is a consent given before a case is registered,” said Chaudhary.

At the moment sanction is given when the case reaches the prosecution stage.

The CVC said, “Given the fact that today people (officials) handle diverse kinds of situations, like banking and atomic energy. These are complicated things and every organisation has different protocol of working. Some require approval whole some do not.

“When these things are done, an outside agency may say ‘look here, this is a fraud’, but within the agency that may not be the case,” he added.

“If it is a straight case of bribery or a trap we are not saying you take somebody’s approval. So there is a need for someone to apply his mind before criminal agency takes over because, one, the agency books a case. Then investigation takes a lot of time. Then trial takes time. In the meantime, the career of the officer is ruined,” the CVC said.

The Chief Vigilance Commissioner also red-flagged the growing menace of shell companies. “Some say there are three lakh, some say four lakh shell companies. But more than the number, it is the quantum involved that is more damaging because they are used for more than one purpose. One is to route money. The other is to bring money in form of premium capital like Rs 10 share is issued for a worthless company at Rs 1,000. So people try to white wash money that way,” he said.’

“Shell companies are also used to create long term capital gains,” he further added.

“Though the government has cancelled licences of some of these companies, it has become a menace,” said Mr Chaudhary.

“Regulation is there to some extent but may be we need more teeth. But the PMLA and other enforcement agencies have to catch up. Unless we take up a few cases and take them to a logical conclusion the fear of law will not be there,” he added.


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