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  • Masters in Anti-Corruption(MAC) Programme

    The MAC will be a two-year, part-time programme designed for executives and practitioners who wish to remain fully employed while pursuing their degree. This interdisciplinary MAC programme will centre on the advanced study of anti-corruption, focusing on theories and concepts, economics, social sciences, politics, business, law, enforcement,strategic planningand prevention. Participants will be provided with the […]

  • Leadership Training

    We at ACA believe that leaders are trained, not born. In a democratic country like India where leaders and managers are often chosen based on popularity or merit, rather than leadership qualities, we often find them struggling with years of painful trials and errors. To fast track leaders through the learning curve, we offer customized […]

  • Our Mission

    Our mission encompasses dealing with corruption in a lateral manner at different levels. The first level deals with creating an understanding of the cross-cutting and devastating nature of corruption, thus bringing about a change in the attitude of both citizens and public servants about how even practically small corruptions can have ever lasting, reverberating ramifications. […]