The MAC will be a two-year, part-time programme designed for executives and practitioners who wish to remain fully employed while pursuing their degree. This interdisciplinary MAC programme will centre on the advanced study of anti-corruption, focusing on theories and concepts, economics, social sciences, politics, business, law, enforcement, strategic planning and prevention. Participants will be provided with the necessary skills and tools to understand and contribute to the fight against corruption and take preventive measure in their own environments. Graduationfrom the MAC will also offer advanced career opportunities in such fields as compliance, law enforcement, internal oversight, investigative journalism, finance, academia, and international affairs.


Ethical workplace behavior is necessary for fostering a trustworthy working environment with a high sense of morale, mutual respect and trust .The ACA feels proud to introduce Ethical workplace training in India. A proven productivity and business enhancer, ethical  workplace and compliance training can go a long way in creating a nurturing work environment leading to increase in productivity  and profitability. In India where the lines between ethical and unethical behavior are often blurred, customized workplace ethics training can be a boon for both public and private enterprises. Our Ethical workplace training will included modules on  compliance, integrity and fairness diversity and respect, information security, handling  conflicts of interest, health and safety, alcohol and drug abuse , sexual harassment, political activities, workplace violence, bribery and kickbacks, anti-competitive conduct and dealing ethical violations.


The ACA plans to impart tailor made trainings for the unique challenges that a specific organization, corporation, or institution faces in preventing and fighting corruption. These trainings will be developed and delivered to respond to the needs of each particular client, with sustainable methods and tools disseminated for each particular case. Our trainings can be customized for groups of various sizes. These will be designed to build a common knowledge base and upgrade practical skills in order to address future challenges, and increase performance levels. The focus of these trainings will be theoretical, practical, technical, or strategic, depending on the client’s priorities. These customised training workshops can vary in length and include possibilities for simultaneous interpretation into regional languages if required.



We at ACA believe that leaders are trained, not born. In a democratic country like India where leaders and managers are often chosen based on popularity or merit, rather than leadership qualities, we often find theme struggling with years of painful trial and error. To fast track leaders through the learning curve, we offer customized leadership training programs for both government and non-government sectors. The future of the country lies with its young  leaders, and instead of waiting for them to learn on their own, our Leadership  Development  Programme plans to train the leaders of tomorrow so that the future becomes  brighter and better. The course will focus on core issue  like developing  leadership qualities, appreciation of the operating landscape, understanding  group dynamics, increasing team performance , handling high pressure situations, dealing with  change and cultural issues decision making and constant professional improvement.



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