The types, roots and effects of corruption vary greatly from place to place. So, do also the policy implications. Thus, the ACA mission is to

  • Understand the nature and forms of corrupt practices in India, as well as their effects from petty and low-level misconduct to grave offences at the top.
  • Explain the contributing causes of these problems by placing them in the proper, socio-economic, historical, political, cultural and geographic context.
  • Facilitate consensual knowledge and anti corruption action by involving all social strata and stakeholders through high quality research, fact finding, conferences and publications aimed at clarifying the issues converting findings into policy recommendations.
  • Promote a culture of integrity by sharing original data online and in print, organizing conferences, producing public debates and TV shows, as well as offering a range of courses and training for students, public and private officials, professionals, teachers, reporters and NGOs.
  • Bring about change through capacity building, strategic planning, progress and good practices reports, contributions to sustainable legal, institutional and policy reforms, and by fostering accountability.


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