Dr T M Bhasin Connivance Fraud in a Public Sector Fraud CAG Audit

Dr. T M Bhasin Connivance Fraud in a Public Sector Fraud CAG Audit

Dr. T M Bhasin Connivance Fraud in a Public Sector Fraud CAG Audit of National Conference on ‘Skill Enhancement for the Prevention of Financial Frauds’ by Anti-Corruption Academy (ACA) India. https://goo.gl/Req834


INTRODUCTION Recognizing that corruption is a most significant roadblock in the improved governance, development and progress of our country, the Anti-Corruption Academy ACA aims to become the beacon that will guide the country and its citizens towards a culture and practice of integrity and accountability. The need for such a pioneering institution is not only in India, but also Asia and all continents. The ACA will produce, manage and disseminate anti-corruption knowledge, good practices and all tools necessary for the construction and effective implementation of measures and policies in a systematic and inclusive way. The ACA will engage with all stakeholders: civil society, public servants, private sector, political parties, academia and media to tackle corruption at all levels and in all government and economic sectors. Visit:- http://acaindia.net/


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